Microsoft Surface Pro 5: What’s In Store

The last Microsoft Surface Pro 4 got some pretty good reviews but that was before Apple came forward to challenge them with their Apple iPad Pro. With such a formidable opponent, Microsoft will have to step up their game this time around.

Microsoft has not revealed any details about the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5 but there are rumors out there suggesting some of the upgrades that we should be seeing on the new Surface Pro 5.

One of the upgrades that we should be seeing is the fingerprint sensor upgrade. Although the pro 4 did come with the fingerprint sensor feature, the scanner was fitted on the detachable keyboard instead of the device and their users were not too happy about the fact that they had to carry the keyboard around just because they need the fingerprint sensor. It is believed that the fingerprint sensor will be fitted with the device itself this time around.

It is also believed that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will be coming in with an upgraded stylus. Unlike the previous model, the Pro 5’s stylus slot will also act as a charger so that the stylus will get juiced up whenever it is kept.

What other upgrades are you hoping to see?

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