Apple Car: BMW Will Have A Hand In It

We still do not know what it going on with Apple and the rumor about them working on a self-driving car. The last we heard, it was believe that Apple might have scrapped their plans to build a car because they lack experience but new rumor suggests that the plan is back on the table now.

Gene Munster, a Piper Jaffray analyst reported that Apple could be working with BMW to make their Apple Car. The car which is rumored to be called Project Titan right now will only be arriving in the next decade.

We know that Apple tends to strive to offer their customers the best out there so BMW is actually a pretty good choice. However, before they drive into building the car, it is believed that Apple will be working with BMW on an autonomous driving software first.

There has never been any confirmation that Apple is really working on releasing a self-driving car but most people seems to believe that they are.

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