Apple Breaks Another Sales Record With iPhone 7 Plus

Despite all the talk about the Apple iPhone 7 being the phone that you do not want to get since all the major upgrades will only be happening this year, the Apple iPhone 7 is doing pretty well. In fact, it has broken a new sales record for Apple.

According to the latest report, the Apple iPhone 7 Plus is currently one of the best-selling Plus smartphone that Apple has ever had. The Apple iPhone 7 Plus manage to beat the other Plus iPhone in terms of sales.

According to the reported, Apple sold about 24million unit of the Apple iPhone 7 Plus in the 4Q of 2016 while they only sold 15.5million units of the iPhone 6s Plus in the 4Q of 2015.

It seems like people are slowly accepting the fact that the Plus is better than the standard model and more and more people are ready to ditch the smaller display for the Plus model and that is one of many reasons why the Apple iPhone 7 Plus is doing so well right now.

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