Apple AirPods: Joining The Dark Side Will Cost You

Despite all the noise the consumers made when Apple announce the new Apple AirPods, the Airpods still did pretty well. In fact, Apple was having a hard time trying to make sure they have enough to go around when they first release the AirPods.

The only issue is that Apple chooses to only release the Airpods in white. The fans were hoping that Apple would come out with a few more color option in the future but thanks to ColorWare, you won’t have to wait for Apple anymore.

ColorWare is now offering to customize your Apple Airpods. There will be a total of 58 colors to choose from. You can also choose to have both sides painted a different color.

Of course, this is going to cost you. The AirPods will cost about $159 now and if you want to color it, you will have to cough out another $130. You can also choose to customize your case which will cost an additioanl $30. Protection Status