Android 8.0: Would ‘Oreo’ Name Be Snubbed?

It is that time of the year again where the Android fans come together to think of a new game for the next Android OS. One of the top names for the Android N last year was Nutella but it did not make it to the end, will Orea end up the same this year?

We know that it is going to be Android 8.0 O this year since Google seems to be following the alphabeticalized order. If it’s really O, what do you think it should be called.

Fans think that Google should name it after the iconic Oreo cookie while other think that Oatmeal cookie should be the winner. Whatever Google chooses, we will have to wait for months before we find out the answer.

It is said that the new Android O will come with a long list of practical updates and that it will be the most “hands-on mobile software” we have. What are you hoping to see?

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