2020 Ford Bronco: Bigger Than We Expected

When Ford announce that they were going to bring the Ford Bronco back into the market, everybody assumes that it will only be release in the US but it looks like Ford might have something bigger planned for the iconic model.

Auto Express reported that there have been speculations about Ford is working on a right-hand drive model of the Bronco and that the test mule was spotted in Australia. If the model is indeed the Ford Bronco, that could mean that the new Ford Bronco will be made to be released globally.

We are not too sure how the other markets will response to the Ford Bronco but the game itself should give it the attention it needs. Whether there is a demand for it, well, that is a whole other story.

Some people have speculated that the Bronco we get might be wearing an Everest badge but there are other who think that the Bronco will be a very different model although both of them will be based on the Ranger.

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