2018 Toyota Supra: Honda Not Sold On Partnerships

We have seen more than a few automakers come together to work on a new or popular model in hopes that it will get their fans attention and that seems to have worked out for a lot of them but it looks like Honda is still not impressed.

One of the recent partnership was the one between Toyota and BMW. BMW will be working with Toyota on their Toyota Supra while Toyota will be working with BMW to complete their new BMW Z5.

The Supra have been getting a lot of attention since the announcement and people just can’t wait to see what Toyota will be offering them when the Supra finally arrives.

Despite all of that, Honda made it clear that they have no plans to work out a partnership with any of the automaker right now as they would like to stay as an independent automaker for the time being.

We admire them for it but with their sales number being the lowest among their rivals right now, we are not sure they will be able to stay that way for long.

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