2018 Toyota Supra: Honda Has No Plans To Follow

Fans of the Toyota Supra got all excited when Toyota reveal that they will be offering them a new Toyota Supra and that the new model will be built with the help of BMW. Toyota, on the other hand, will help BMW with their upcoming BMW Z5 as well.

This is not the first partnership we have seen between two automakers and while partnership like this is becoming more and more common, Honda has no intention of going down that path.

Honda has made it clear that it wants to keep being an independent automaker and that they currently have no plans to partner up with anybody to create a new version of their models.

While we do respect Honda for that decision, we also can’t help but feel that Honda might get left behind if they continue this way. Honda’s sales show that they are slipping behind and things might get worse if they don’t start doing something about it.

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