2018 Toyota Supra: Honda Don’t Want What They Have

The thing about partnerships is that when it works out, it is great. We do not know how the BMW and Toyota partnership will turn out but right now, we are pleased that Toyota is bringing the Toyota Supra back.

In return, Toyota will also be working with BMW on their BMW Z5. Partnerships like this are pretty common and it is actually a great way for the automakers to get the attention of the consumers but it looks like Honda does not want to be a part of that right now.

When asked if Honda has any plans to work with another automaker in the near future, Honda made it clear that they don’t plan to do that right now and added that they would like to stay as an independent automaker for a little longer.

The idea of keeping up on your own might sound great but we know that Honda’s sales have been dropping so they might want to rethink their plans again.

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