2018 Toyota Supra: Honda Don’t Plan To Play The Same Game

Doing things on your own is great but it looks like it is not enough if you want to impress your fans. Automakers have been partnering up to create new models or upgrade their existing models. One model that got a lot of attention last year was the Toyota Supra.

Toyota announces that they will be working with BMW to bring the Toyota Supra back. In return, Toyota will be helping BMW with the BMW Z5. Their tactic seems to be working because the Toyota Supra has certainly gotten a lot of attention but all of that were not enough to convince Honda to work with somebody.

When asked if Honda was looking to work with another automaker in the near future, Honda made it clear that they had no plans to do so and that they would like to remain independent for now.

While we do admire their determination, we also know that Honda’s sales are currently one of the lowest among its competitors so staying alone might not be the best decision for them right now.

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