2018 Porsche Cayenne: Audi A7 & Macan Becomes One

The Porsche Cayenne is in need of an upgrade and luckily, it looks like Porsche is already working on one. So how will the new Porsche Cayenne look like?

Based on what the spy images have revealed, it looks like the Porsche Cayenne will be getting its design inspiration from the Porshe Macan but that is not all. They also seem to have taken some tips from the Porsche Panamera Sports Turismo model as well.

The Porsche Macan might be the one offering Cayenne its design but Audi will be the one helping out in silent. Under the Porsche Cayenne will be the Audi Q7 platform. The platform will help reduce the overall weight of the Porsche Cayenne by 340 to 440 pounds.

With all these upgrades, the Porsche Cayenne will have no problem claiming back that top spot when it finally arrives. What other upgrades are you hoping to see?

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