2018 Nissan Z: Time To Go Back

When Nissan first brought out the Nissan Z, there were actually small, light and nimble models but over time, the Nissan Z was slowly turned into the bulky model that we all have now.

While some Nissan fans are hoping that Nissan would bring in a new Nissan Z, they are saying that Nissan should only do it if they plant to make it into the Nissan Z that it once was. Small and light.

Nissan has never indicated that they are looking to build a new Nissan Z right now but there were speculations suggesting that Nissan might be working on one and that the new Nissan Z will be build based on the Infiniti Q60.

If that is really the case, we can expect to see a smaller Nissan Z this time. It is said that it will also be fitted with the same 400hp engine that the Q60 is offering right now.

That is if Nissan does give the Nissan Z the green light.

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