Star Wars Battlefront 2 Is All About Fans’ Ideas

The fans sure had a lot to say when the first Star Wars Battlefront game was release and they had even more to say when the movie was released. Now that DICE has announced that there is going to be a Star Wars Battlefront 2 in the near future, fans are starting to speculate on what the game will or should be offering.

Paul Keslin, a producer from DICE stated that the development team is aware of what their fans think of the last Battlefront game and that they are working on making sure that some of the feedbacks were addressed when they work on the sequel.

Some of the things that fans are hoping to see in the sequel include a seamless land to space combat, better post-launches that do not divide the community as well as better campaigns. We do not know if DICE will be able to give us all of that but the fact that they are considering their fans opinion is good enough for now. Protection Status