2018 Nissan Z: Fans Wants Infiniti’s Help

Fans might want the Nissan Z back but only if Nissan is willing to take it back to where it once was. When Nissan first brought out the Nissan Z, the vehicle was light, nimble and extremely fun to drive around in but that slowly change with each update. The last Nissan Z was bulky and far from what the fans wanted for the Nissan Z.

There are rumors saying that Nissan might be looking to bring the Nissan Z back but the fans are saying that it will only be successful if Nissan makes the Nissan Z light and nimble again.

The fans pointed out that it would do Nissan a lot of good if they based the Nissan Z on the Infiniti Q60 model.

Of course, Nissan has not said anything about bringing the Nissan Z back and we do not even know if it is going to happen but if it does, what would you like to see?

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