2018 Nissan Leaf Won’t Be Pure EV?

We still do not know when Nissan plans to release the new Nissan Leaf but what we do know is that their goal will be to expand the range of the vehicle without increase the price of the Leaf.

While we believe that the upgraded Nissan Leaf will still be an EV model, some people believe that the upcoming Leaf might need a little gas to power on. Nissan showed off their new Nissan e-Power engine this year. Although the e-Power engine will only use electric to power up the vehicle it will still come with a gasoline engine.

The hybrid engine will use the gasoline engine to generate power for the electric engine. That way, the users will not have to charge the vehicle. According to Nissan, the e-Power will make its debut on the Nissan Note e-Power but some people believe that we will also see it under the hood of the Nissan Leaf.

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