2018 Nissan Leaf To Lure Gasoline Buyers With Smaller Price Tag

The problem with EV powered models is that they are often a lot more expensive than the standard gasoline version. Not only are the customers forced to pay more but they will also have to worry about running out of charge all the time. That is why the EV market is moving so slow.

However, it looks like Nissan is going to change things around with their Nissan Leaf. It has been reported that Nissan will be working with Renault and Mitsubishi to come out with a new platform for EV models.

It is believed that his new platform could help Nissan save up to 2 million yen. That in return could mean a price reduction of up to 20% for the Nissan Leaf. This means the new Leaf could be sporting the same price tag as a gasoline version.

That on top of the new bigger battery that Nissan promise should help boost the sales of EV models here in the US.

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