2018 Nissan Leaf: Feeling A Little Gassy?

The fans of the Nissan Leaf have been waiting for Nissan to release a new model. Nissan has been talking about the new model for some time now but so far, we have not seen anything yet. In fact, it does not feel like we are getting close to the new Nissan Leaf at all.

Nissan was at CES this year where they talked about some of the new features that we will be seeing on the Nissan Leaf. One of the techs that they reveal was the new ProPilot feature. While it is clear that they are working on the Nissan Leaf, they did not reveal when the Leaf would be ready.

In fact, they did not even talk about the new range of the Leaf would be able to offer leaving many fans feeling worried.

There were also some speculations that the upcoming Nissan Leaf could be coming with the new e-Power engine that Nissan announced not too long ago. While the engine will only use electric to power up the vehicle, it will come with a gasoline engine. The gasoline engine will be there to generate power for the battery pack.

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