2018 Mazda RX-9 vs Toyota Supra: Dream Fight Still A Dream

When Toyota finally announce that they will be bringing the Toyota Supra back, the fans thought that they will get to witness the Supra going up against the Mazda RX model once more. Fans got even more excited when Mazda confirmed that they already have a team of engineers working on the rotary engine.

Everything seems to be coming together but that all ended but Mazda reveal that they currently do no have any plans to build a new sports car that is bigger than the Mazda MX-5. Since the RX-9 would be the bigger sports car, that means we won’t be seeing it anytime soon.

After all the excitement, it will like the Toyota Supra won’t be meeting the Mazda RX-9 when it arrives. That might be great for Toyota but the Mazda fans are not going to be happy about it.

Toyota will be working with BMW on the Toyota Supra and BMW Z5. It will be interesting to see how the new partnership will change the Supra.

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