2018 Mazda 6 Will Have To Thank Google Now

We know that Mazda has not planned to offer both the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support in their models in the near future but that does not mean that their customers will not get to enjoy the features that the Android Auto has to offer.

Google has announced that the Android Auto app will be available for download on their Google Playstore which means Android users will no longer have to wait for the automaker to update their system to have the Android Auto. According to Google, the Android Auto app will run on any Android device running on the Android 5.0 and above.

Google has also recently updated the app so that it now works with OK Google. With the new feature, users won’t have to manually tap on the microphone to use the voice command feature on the phone.

Those using iOS will unfortunately have to wait until Mazda feels that it is time to offer them the Apple CarPlay.

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