2018 Mazda 6: Google Not Needed Anymore

Since Mazda refused to give their customers the Android Auto update, the only way the Android users can enjoy the Android Auto was to download it on their own and start the app up when they are in the car.

Any Android user with an Android device that is running on the Android 5.0 and above will be able to download and use the app. The app was made even better when Google upgraded it so that it supported the OK Google feature. Before the upgrade, the users had to click on the microphone manually if they wanted to use the voice command and that can be very dangerous. While the app was a nice solution, Mazda users won’t have to use that method for long as Mazda announce that they are working on offering the support on their Mazda model.

They are working on both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay so Apple users won’t have to feel left out. After all the begging, Mazda finally gave in and we couldn’t be happier.

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