2018 Mazda 6: Android Fans Will Stay

Some fans of Mazda were not too happy when Mazda announce that their new model will not be getting the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support. Since most automakers are rushing to get the update out, it is odd that Mazda would decide not to offer it.

While it is not really a deal breaker for many consumers, the fact that their rivals are offering it while they are not is not going to look great for Mazda. Luckily, Google has stepped in to rescue the Android fans.

Google release their Android Auto on their PlayStore a few months ago which means Android users can now download the app and run the Android Auto from their Android-powered smart devices.

When the app was first released, it did not come with the Ok Google feature which means users will have to manually click on the Microphone to use the voice command but the last update added the OK Google feature into the app.

While that does solve the infotainment issue for the Android users, we are still hoping that Mazda would work on offering the updates in the future.

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