2018 Jaguar EV SUV Almost Ready For Tesla

Tesla is working on their own electric-powered SUV but it looks like they might have some new competition soon as Jaguar reveal their EV plans for the future.

Jaguar showed off their new I-Pace concept SUV this week. According to the automaker, the concept will be made into a production model in two years time. Not only will this be the second SUV ever from Jaguar but it will also be the first EV from Jaguar.

According to Jaguar, the concept will be powered by two electric motors that will be offering about 516lb ft of torque. The engine will allow the SUV to go from 0-60mph in four seconds. They also added that the vehicle should be offering about 400hp.

While it is nice to know that the EV model will not be lacking in performance, the most important aspect of being an EV model is to have the range. Jaguar announces that the I-Pace will be able to offer about 22miles of range.

We will officially see the Jaguar I-Pace concept at the LA Auto show this week.

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