2018 Honda Civic Type R Has Their Sight On Golf R

The Honda Civic Type R was once the king of the Nurburgring track but Volkswagen snatches that title away from them this year. In fact, Volkswagen did not only beat the Civic Type R once but twice by using the Golf GTI Clubsport S model.

With Honda now working on the new Honda Civic Type R, you would think that one of the first things they will be doing is to challenge the Golf once more and hopefully beat it with the new Type R.

However, that is not what Honda is looking to do. According to Honda, their goal right now is to beat their own best score. If that new time happens to be better than the Golf, that’s even better but they won’t beat themselves up if it doesn’t.

To beat Honda, Volkswagen tore out everything they could including the floor mats, armrest, as well as the rear seats.

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