2018 Honda Accord: Too Big For Its Own Good

Most people would be happy to see the automaker increase the size of the vehicle because a wider and longer body means more space on the inside and that can never be bad but in the case of the Honda Accord, it does look like it might be bad.

A lot of fans are saying that they are pretty happy with the Honda Accord right now and they were not too happy when rumors suggest that the Honda Accord will be coming with a wider body this time around.

It is believed that since the Honda Civic received a size upgrade, the Accord will be forced to go a little wider just so that the Civic does not get too close to the Honda Accord.

The upcoming Honda Accord will be coming in with a new design that is based on the Honda Civic. It will also be riding on the same platform which means we might see the Accord powered by the same engine although the Accord engine will most likely have more hp to offer.

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