2018 Honda Accord: Paying The Price

While we are happy that Honda actually decided to give the Honda Civic a size upgrade, we do think that the Honda Accord might be the one that paid the cost for the update.

Now that the Honda Civic is bigger, it is more spacious on the inside but it is also getting a little too close to the Honda Accord. People might decide that they don’t want to pay more for the Accord now since the Civic is almost as spacious.

Recent spy shots suggest that Honda will be fixing that by increasing the size of the Honda Accord. While it might sound nice on paper, the test model that we are seeing feels too wide and too big.

The Accord went from being stylish and sleek to big and bulky and a lot of people are not too happy about that. The Honda Accord will be losing out if Honda keeps its size but it will chase away some fans of they increase its size. Neither way, the Honda Accord will be the one playing the price.

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