2018 Honda Accord: Not Really An Option

Most of the Honda Accord drivers are pretty satisfied with the size of the current Honda Accord. It is wide enough and spacious enough of the inside but with the upgrades that the Honda Civic is getting, Honda will have no choice but to also make some upgrade on the Honda Accord as well.

Based on some of the spy shots we have seen, it is clear that the Honda Accord looks a little wider now. The fans do not seem to happy with the upgrade but what choice does Honda have.

With the Honda Civic now getting a size upgrade, it will be too close to the Accord if the Accord remains the same and Honda can’t have that. It is also believe that the Honda Accord will be riding on the same Civic platform and that the vehicle could be powered by the same Civic engine although the Accord engine will probably be tuned to deliver more.

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