2018 Honda Accord: No Other Way

With Honda working to increase the size of their Honda Civic so that their customers can enjoy a more spacious interior, the Honda Civic has grown wider this time around and while that might be good news for the Honda Civic fans, the Honda Accord is not going to be too happy about the changes.

With the Honda Civic now wider, its size is now closer to what the Honda Accord is offering. To make sure that the Honda Accord sales do not get affected by the Honda Civic, Honda will have to upgrade the Honda Accord. Based on the spy images, that is exactly what they plan to do to the Honda Accord.

The spy images reveal a wider Honda Accord. It is also clear that the Honda Accord will be getting its new design from the Honda Civic. It is believe that the Honda Accord will also be riding on the same Civic platform and that it will be powered by the same engine although the Accord engine will be tuned to deliver more.

While bigger is usually better, some consumers are saying that they are pretty satisfied with what the Honda Accord is offering now and they are not sure if they would like to have the wider Accord.

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