2018 Honda Accord: Force To Cross The Line

The Honda Accord is just right where it wants to be right now. It needs a design upgrade but its size is just right. Not too bulky but not too small either but with the Honda Civic now coming in with a wider body, the Honda Accord will have no choice but to cross the line.

Spy shots of the Honda Accord showed that the vehicle will be coming with a wider body now. As much as we like the idea of having, even more, space on the inside, the idea of driving a bulky Accord is not that appealing to many of the fans.

The Honda Accord will be riding on the Honda Civic platform and will most likely be getting the same kind of design upgrade as well. There were even talk about the Accord getting the same engine as the Civic which is possible but the Accord version will most likely be tuned to deliver a little more than the Civic.


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