Playstation Now Kicking PS Vita & PS3 To The Curb

If you own a PS Vita or Playstation 3 and has signed up for the PlayStation Now, you will be disappointed to know that Sony has decided to kick them out along with a few other devices.

According to Sony, they decided to stop focusing on platforms that are no longer relevant and focus on platforms like the PS4 and PC. The other devices that will no longer be getting the Playstation Now service include the Sony Bravia TV, Blu-ray players, Samsung TVs and Playstation TV.

These platforms will won’t be able to access the service starting from the 15th of August. If you are one of the subscribers, please remember to turn the disable auto-renewal off so that your account does not get renewed for another year.

What do you think of Sony’s move to kick out the Playstation 3 and PS Vita? Protection Status