2018 Honda Accord: Bulk Up Or Get Tossed Aside

Compared to the Civic, the Honda Accord definitely has a lot more to offer but with the Civic now getting so close to what the Accord is offering, the Accord will have no choice but to bulk up.

One of the upgrades that the Honda Civic received was a size upgrade. According to Honda, they wanted their customers to have more space to enjoy on the inside. While that is great for the Civic, the same cannot be said about the Accord.

Most customers will be happy with a size upgrade but according to the Honda Accord fans, the Accord is perfect where it is right now and the size upgrade will make it a little too bulky but what choice does the Honda Accord have.

With the Civic sporting a smaller price tag, some customers might be willing to forgive it for the lack of power and tech features.

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