2018 Ford Fiesta RS: Not Worth Dreaming About

With the kind of response the Ford Fiesta ST received, you would think that Ford would be eager to give the Ford Fiesta the RS badge but Ford made it clear that the Ford Fiesta will not be one of the models that will be getting the RS badge.

While Ford did promise that we will be seeing a new Ford Fiesta model that is more powerful than the ST right now, the new model will not be wearing an RS badge when it arrives.

Although the Ford Fiesta RS will not be coming in the future, Ford did reveal that they will have more RS badge to offer in the future. If the Fiesta is out, which model do you think is still in the running for the RS badge?

The concept seen on top was design by artist X-Tomi who thinks that this is how the Ford Fiesta RS is going to look like if Ford did decide to build it. The design was based on the Ford Focus RS model.

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