2018 Ford Fiesta RS: It Still Hurts

We were all pretty excited when Ford brought out the Ford Fiesta ST model and everybody was hoping that Ford would offer them an even faster Ford Fiesta with an RS badge. It felt like the dream might come true when Ford announce that they will be offering a few more RS badge model in the future but Ford later came out to confirm that the Ford Fiesta RS was never going to happen and that the Ford Fiesta ST was going to be the fastest Ford Fiesta we will ever get.

Well, that dream has ended but have you ever wonder how the vehicle will look like if Ford had offered the Fiesta and RS Badge? Well, artist X-Tomi has made it easier for us by coming out with a rendering of the Ford Fiesta RS model.

The vehicle was fitted with a side skirt, roof-mounted spoiler, bumper and more to give it the aggressive exterior that the RS is known for. We actually liked what X-Tomi had come out with but we know that we won’t be seeing this on the road.

What a pity.

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