2018 Ford Expedition: Upgrade With A Price

The good news is that the Ford Expedition will finally be getting a much-needed upgrade. In fact, this is not just an upgrade but a Ford F-150 upgrade. Like the truck, the Ford Expedition will also get the aluminum treatment for 2018.

The upgrade should help reduce the overall weight of the vehicle significantly which means the vehicle will be more efficient and powerful now but the fans are worried that the upgrade would also mean a bigger price tag.

Since the upgrade is not going to be cheap, some people are worried that it will affect the price of the Ford Expedition when it arrives but others think that the high price of the Expedition will help even things out for Ford and that the price will remain the same.

With the Ford Expedition now matching what the F-150 is offering, we might see an upgrade on the Expedition everytime the Ford F-150 gets one now and that is good news for the SUV fans.

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