2018 Ford Expedition: Is There Reason To Be Concern

Ford’s decision to turn the Ford F-150 into an aluminum truck was one of the best decision they could ever make for the truck and we are more than happy to know that the Ford Expedition will be getting the same treatment but is there something we should be worried about.

A lot of people doubted the toughness of the Ford F-150 when Ford first reveal their plans to turn it into an aluminum model but Ford showed them that there was nothing to fear when they brought out the new Ford F-150 truck.

While nobody will be questioning the durability of the Ford Expedition, some people are worried that the massive upgrade would heavily impact the price of the Ford Expedition.

The upgrade will not come cheap and some believe that the Ford Expedition will come with a higher price tag to cover the additional cost needed to build the Ford Expedition. While that is possible, others think that the high selling price of the Ford Expedition should be more than enough to cover the upgrade cost so it should be sporting a similar price tag.

What do you think?

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