2018 Ford Expedition: Ford F-150 To Act As Guide

Fuel efficiency is one of the main issues that automaker are facing with models like the Ford Expedition but it looks like Ford might already have an answer to their problem.

When Ford encounters the same problem with the Ford F-150, they decided that going aluminum was the way to go and while they were teased a whole lot for having a weak truck bed, Ford has proved that going aluminum was the right decision for them.

It is now believed that Ford might be giving the Ford Expedition the same upgrade. Using aluminum to build the Ford Expedition will not only help reduce the overweight of the vehicle but it will also improve the fuel economy and performance of the Expedition as well.

Some people are worried that going aluminum would mean that the Ford Expedition is not going to cost more but since the Ford Expedition asking price is already pretty high, they should be able to cover the cost with the current retail price.

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