Watch Dogs 2 Teased Ubisoft’s Next Space Game?

Game developers enjoy slipping in a few Easter Eggs into their game and it looks like one in the new Watch Dogs 2 game might hint at a new Space game from Ubisoft.

According to Kotaku, there is a mission in the new Watch Dogs 2 game that will require you to steal a trailer from Ubisoft from the Ubisoft office in the game. Yes, the Ubisoft’s San Francisco office is in the new Watch Dogs 2.

The title of the trailer ends up being some kind of space game that some people are saying could be a future Ubisoft title. Ubisoft also took the opportunity to make fun of themselves in the mission by talking about how their trailers and information for Assassin’s Creed always leaked before they were ready to announce it.

You can check out the “game trailer” below as well as the part where they commented on the Assassin’s Creed leaks.

Steven Estevez

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