2018 Ford Expedition: F-150 Saved It From Becoming A Joke

The Ford F-150 is one of the top selling trucks in the market right now but things did not start out that great for the truck. When Ford announce that they were going to upgrade the Ford F-150 model, they also reveal that the new truck will be coming with more aluminum parts.

Ford wanted to make the upgrade so that the Ford F-150 would be able to shed some additional pounds and in return, have better fuel efficiency and performance but the consumers were having none of that. The F-150 was teased for being the softest truck of them all because most people believe that aluminum is softer than the other materials. Ford managed to convince them that going aluminum was the right move at the end of the day.

Now that people have accepted that aluminum is not the worst that can happen, it looks like Ford is ready to give some of their others models the upgrade. The next model to get the aluminum upgrade is the Ford Expedition.

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