2018 Ford Expedition: F-150 Made It Easier

Ford plans to upgrade some of their models to aluminum build models did not start out well. The Ford F-150 which was the first Ford model to receive the upgrade was made fun of at first but look at where it is at right now.

After proving to the consumers that aluminum does not equal to a soft and weak truck, it did not take long for the Ford F-150 to climb back up to the top of the truck market.

The next Ford model to get the upgrade will be the Ford Expedition. While some consumers did express some of their concern with the upgrade, it did not have anything to do with the aluminum being too weak of a material.

Most people seems to be worried that the upgrade would mean that the vehicle will come with a bigger price tag since upgrading to aluminum is not going to be cheap. Some people believe that the price will be unaffected as the selling price of the Ford Expedition should be high enough to cover the additional cost.

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