2018 Ford Expedition: Aluminium Upgrade Caused Concern

Unlike the time when Ford announce that there will be building the Ford F-150 with aluminum, the concern is time is not the soft aluminum body but with the price of the Ford Expedition.

Ford have already proved that aluminum is strong enough and that the consumers will have nothing to worry about. After experiencing that the Ford F-150 has to offer, nobody seems to be too concern about the Ford Expedition but what they seem to be concern about is the price of the vehicle.

Since upgrading to aluminum is not a cheap affair, some people predicted that the upgrade Ford Expedition will come with a much higher price tag and that would affect the sales of the Expedition.

Others think that while it is true that it will cost more to build the Ford Expedition now, the selling price of the Ford Expedition is high enough that it will be able to cover the cost of the upgrade without affecting the final retail price of the Ford Expedition.

What do you think?

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