2018 Ford Expedition: Aluminium Causes Another Concern

One of the main concern that people had when Ford first announced that the Ford F-150 was going to be build using aluminum was that the material would not be strong enough to protect such a rugged model.

Of course, Ford has already proved that it is tough enough and with all the extra benefit that it comes with, the Ford F-150 was a huge success. We know that Ford will be working to make the same upgrade on some of the other models in the future and it looks like the Ford Expedition is going to be next.

While the consumers are happy that the Expedition is getting the upgrade, a lot of them are also concern that the upgrade would mean that the vehicle will be more expensive now.

We know that the upgrade will not be cheap and some fans are worried that the cost will affect the price of the vehicle but some people think that with the high selling price of the Expedition, Ford should be able to cover the cost without hiking up the price.

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