2018 Ford Bronco Will Be The One To End Mustang

The Ford Mustang is not doing too great now. After dominating the market for a few years, things are certainly starting to slow down for the muscle car. In fact, things are slowly down for most of the muscle car in the US market but the fact that Ford is going to bring back the Ford Bronco might make things worst for the Ford Mustang.

Ford Bronco fans have been begging Ford to bring the Ford Bronco back ever since they showed off the concept a few years ago and now that it is really going to happen, you can bet that the Ford Bronco will be getting all the attention when it arrives.

More attention for the Ford Bronco will also mean less attention for the Ford Mustang and with how the Mustang is doing right now, that could very well kill the Mustang. We know that Ford had to stop the production of the Ford Mustang for a few weeks just to keep the production rate down.

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