Overwatch: How Titanfall 2 Failed

We saw more than a few fps game fails to meet the hype soon after it is released and Titanfall was one of them. Despite having a campaign mode as well as the multiplayer mode, Titanfall just couldn’t get their fans to stay.

Overwatch, on the other hand, did not come with any sort of campaign. All they had to offer was the multiplayer mode and it still manages to capture the heart of the gamers. So what did Titanfall do wrong?

The most obvious difference between the two is that Overwatch will only cost the fans $40 while Titanfall was $80. Then there was all the extra DLC that players will have to pay for. Those that did not pay for the DLC will be stuck with the older maps and at the end of the day, what they created was a rift between players that can’t or won’t for the DLC and those that can.

Others also think that the fact that Overwatch is a Blizzard game meant that it already had a huge following before it was even released.

What do you think went wrong with Titanfall?

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