2018 Ford Bronco: Design Won’t Be The Biggest Surprise

Since the Ford Bronco has been gone for some time now, we are all expecting the new model to sweep our feet off the ground when it finally arrives with its new design but some reports are suggesting that the Ford Bronco will look a lot more familiar than we think.

According to Ford, the new Ford Bronco will be build based on the upcoming Ford Ranger and that they will be both be build at the same plant. In case you forgot, there is actually an SUV out there right now that is based on the Ranger.

Called the Everest, the SUV was sold in Australia and was built based on the Ranger. Some people believe that the Ford Bronco will ultimately just be an Everest with a Bronco badge stuck to it but is that really the case?

We know that the Ford Bronco will be fitted with a new and shortened version of the T6 platform which means that the Bronco will most likely look nothing like the Everest so there is really nothing to worry about.

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