2017 Volvo S90 Disappoints Despite Top Scores

ANCAP took in a few new models to test and one of the models that they tested out for safety was the Volvo S90. Unsurprising, the Volvo S90 was awarded top marks by ANCAP.

According to the report, the long list of safety features and techs like intelligent speed assistance, lane support system, autonomous emergency braking and more helped the S90 score some pretty high marks.

However, ANCAP also added that they are disappointed that Volvo chooses to offer different safety features depending on where the car is sold. The Europe version of the Volvo S90 does not come with a driver knee airbag while the adaptive cruise control and lane support system are offered as optional in Australia. The same features will come as standard on the New Zealand model.

Even without those features, the Volvo S90 still got a great score but the consumers are feeling like they are being shortchanged especially when their neighboring country is getting more than them.

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