2017 Volkswagen e-Golf: Eat Your Heart Out, Nissan Leaf!

Despite all the talk about Nissan working on giving the Nissan Leaf and engine upgrade so that it can offer more range, we have not seen that yet. As Nissan take their own sweet time with their upgrades, they rivals are working hard to overtake them.

Volkswagen has now revealed the electric range that their 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf will be offering. According to Volkswagen, the vehicle will be offering about 125miles of range with its new engine. The engine will be delivering more power now, going from 115ho to 134hp. The e-Golf will only need 10 seconds to get to 60mph from a standstill.

Of course, this is still far from what the Chevrolet Bolt is offering right now but it definitely more than what the Nissan Leaf is offering. The current Nissan Lef only offer an electric range of 107mph. It also beats models like the BMW i3.

The new Volkswagen e-Golf will be arriving this spring

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