2017 Toyota Prius Prime: Volt Looking Wary

With what the Chevrolet Volt has to offer, there is not a lot of models in the market that is able to challenge it but with the new Toyota Prius Prime here, the Volt might be in more danger than we think.

The Toyota Prius Prime was given an exterior upgrade but that is not the only major changes that we see. The Prius Prime will also come with an improve electric range. The 2017 model will be powered by an 8.8kWh battery that will increase the electric range of the Prius Prime. It is reported that the electric range of the Prius Prime is two times more than the previous model.

With the kind of range it has to offer, the Prius Prime will not be an easy opponent to take down. Luckily for Chevrolet, there is still the Bolt ready to help out the Volt.

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