2017 Toyota Prius: Losing To 58mpg Ioniq

When it comes to being the most fuel efficient hybrid in the market, the Toyota Prius was right up there on the top but it looks like their time on the top is over now thanks to Hyundai.

Hyundai has just announced the fuel efficiency of their Ioniq Hybrid model and it looks like we have a new hybrid winner. The Ioniq Hybrid will be offering about 57mpg in the city and 59mpg on the highway and a combined fuel economy of 58mpg.

The Toyota Prius, on the other hand, will be offering about 58mpg in the city which is slightly better but only 53mpg on the highway giving it a combined fuel efficiency of only 56mpg.

Besides offering a Hybrid version of their Ioniq, Hyundai also plans to release an electric version fo the model next year. According to Hyundai, the EV model will be offering about 124miles of range when it arrives.

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