2017 Tesla Model 3: Can’t Afford To Lose The Numbers Game

The consumer has been waiting for Tesla to release the Tesla Model 3 for some time now but we all know that when it comes to Tesla, the wait is to be expected. At this point, we do not know when Tesla plans to start delivering their Tesla Model 3 but some people seems to have a rough idea of how many Tesla Model 3 Tesla will be building this year.

Later, Elon Musk seems to have decided that they will be building about 100,000 units of the Tesla Model 3 before December but is that really possible? According to Adam Honas of Morgan Stanley, Tesla will not build any Tesla Model 3 this year but estimated that they will be able to complete 75k unit next year.

If his prediction is true, some of the new buyers might have to wait until 2020 before they can get their hands on their Tesla Model 3. Of course, this is just a projection.

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