2017 Porsche 911 GTS: Will Purist Settle For This

This is not a great time for purists. Not only are automakers working to get rid of their stick transmission but sports car manufacturer are also slowly moving towards turbo engines.

We knew that when Porsche fitted the Carrera S with the turbo engine that there will be a day when the Porsche 911 GTS will get the same upgrade as well and sure enough, Porsche announce that the next Porsche 911 GTS was going to come with a new turbo engine.

According to Porsche, the 911 GTS will be fitted with a 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged six cylinder engine that will be delivering about 420hp or more. While Porsche will be changing the engine, they also made it clear that they will be keeping the manual transmission around. We do not know if that is enough to get the purist to forgive them but at least that is something.

The new engine will not only help improve the fuel efficiency of the 911 GTS but it will also help reduce the weight of the vehicle as well.

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