2017 Nissan Leaf Will Have A Gassy Future?

The current Nissan Leaf is a pure EV model and that along with its reasonable price tag was once its biggest selling point but things have certainly changed now. After years of staying the same with barely any upgrades, people are getting tired of the Leaf’s limited range and boring exterior design.

Nissan promised that they will offer a new Nissan Leaf with a longer range but that has not happened yet and some people are speculating that the reason why Nissan is taking so long might be because they were waiting for this engine.

Nissan showed off their new e-Power engine not too long ago. The engine uses electric to power the vehicle but it also gets its power from a gasoline engine. According to Nissan, the Nissan Note e-Power will be the first model to come with the new engine but some people think that the Leaf might also be in-line for the new hybrid engine.

The electric engine will be paired with a 1.2 liter inline 3 engine. With the gasoline engine, the users will never have to charge the vehicle. Is this the Leaf’s future?

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